Mevenide2-Netbeans is a Netbeans plugin which integrate all the maven2 project management possibilities into Netbeans. It allows to open any Maven project natively within the IDE without any imports.

Please note: The sources for NetBeans Maven support have been moved to Any tutorials referenced from this site might be outdated and not reflecting the current UI and feature set in NetBeans 6.5 and beyond. See the ultimate source of information - Best Practices for Apache Maven in NetBeans 6.x article


2008/09/10 The sources of maven support for NetBeans were moved to For 6.5 and beyond Maven support will be part of NetBeans itself (on update center and later in standard distribution)

2008/08/15 - The latest version (3.1.4) of 3.1.x series was released, it works in 6.1. It can be installed through the 6.1 update center. Alternatively it can be downloaded as a zip file . Please do not install this version into 6.5 beta and later NetBeans builds. The NetBeans Maven support is in the process of migrating to become part of default NetBeans distribution. The binaries on 6.5 beta+ update center are more uptodate and could clash with the 3.1.x series when installed in paralel.

2008/05/07 - Version 3.1 release is out. It is available from the default stable update center of NetBeans 6.0 and 6.1 or as a zip file with NBMs It has a bunch of new features described in this article at The article also describes how to install the modules and provides additional hints on usage. The major changes include:

  • new 2.1-SNAPSHOT maven embedder included.
  • local and remote repository indexing (using Nexus )
  • Web frameworks support
  • Improved profiling support (aka configurations)
  • Check the article for these and more features in detail.

2008/04/12 - Version 3.0.12 release, that's the last version in the 3.0.x series. It is available from the default update center or as a zip file with NBMs

2008/01/03 - Version 3.0.9 released for Netbeans 6.0 .

  • available from netbeans plugins wizard.
  • available by direct download here

2007/09/18 - Mevenide2 directly available in Netbeans 6.0 beta.

2007/04/10 - There's an updated, polished version of Mevenide for NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 8. To get it, simply download the milestone build and check it's Devevelopment Update Center under Tools/Update Center dialog.

2006/10/23 Version 2.3 released. It is the second stable release of Mevenide2 for Netbeans.

  • Features that were added :
    1. Improved, more reliable project loading, reports problems now.
    2. Local repository indexing added, one can easily
      • browse
      • search
      • add dependency
      • use vastly improved completion in pom.xml
      • any existing project archetypes get listed in project creation wizard
    3. IDE Action-Maven goal mappings now editable from project customizer
    4. Webapp hot deploy, changed jsp files get deployed live.
    5. Can stop, re-run build, failed tests hyperlinked from output window.
  • Bugs fixed for previous version, implemented features : List of issues


  • Please file bugs, submit patches, documentation.