This Maven plugin generates the Netbeans Module (NBM) files.

Currently the plugin ensures that your artifacts become Netbeans modules, creates nbm files for easy updating, and generates the autupdate site information.

It also contains a goal for population of Maven repository with Netbeans module jars. By examining the module's manifest it sets the correct version of the jar in the repository.


Latest version available for download is 1.4. It works with Netbeans 4.0, 4.1 final, 4.2 dev and Maven 1.0.2.

A version 0.2 is for a latest stable release of Netbeans 3.6.


Use the plugin:download maven goal to install the plugin.

    maven -DartifactId=maven-nbm-plugin -DgroupId=mevenide -Dversion=VERSION plugin:download

where VERSION is either 0.2 or 1.4 depending on what version of Netbeans you are working with.