Please see our JIRAissues for stuff to do.

What's next?

The following is a (partial) list of features we intend to be implementing over the coming months:

  • Bidirectional update between IDEA project and POM (in progress)
  • A remote and local repositories browser. (done)
  • Searching support in the repository browser.
  • A wizard for creating an IDEA project from a POM
  • A wizard for creating a POM from an existing IDEA project.
  • Automatically create IDEA File Templates for POMs.
  • Autolaunch goals on specific project events (compilation, etc)
  • Automatic dependency download on project open (or manually) to make sure the project classpath is legal.
  • Auto-completion of Jelly code inside maven.xml and project.xml for Jelly coders.
Of course, that's not all! Stay tuned...