Features List

Implemented features fall into these categories :

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Maven Project recognition

Maven projects are recognized in the IDE by the Mevenide module. No synchronization is needed since the module retrieves and stores data directly to/from Maven project files.

  • All kind of sources and resources easily accessible.

  • Dependencies recognized and code completion database created on the fly.

  • Jar Override Support for dependecies

  • Updates dynamically once project files are edited.

Maven Launcher

  • Direct integration with menu action and keyboard shotcuts for Build/Rebuild/Clean etc. See how to customize what gets run in the IDE.

  • List of all available goals - plugin-defined ones as well as custom ones for project.

  • Possibility to define your own goal-launching popup menu.

  • Output to the output window. For compilation and tests hyperlinking to errors.

  • Pmd, checkstyle, findbugs and announcement reports also accessible from the output window along with annotations in the editor.

Known limitations

  • Executes maven as external process. Slower invokation.

POM Customizer

  • Visual customization of Maven project.

  • Locating the definitions is easy without searching multiple files, possible to move between location easily.

  • Creation of new Maven projects from templates.

  • Lists all current plugins and their properties.

Known limitations

  • Currently not all pages are implemented.

Running and Debugging

  • Able to run the project or single classes.

  • Able to run test suite or single test from IDE.

  • Can debug the application, a single class or single test.

  • J2ee applications can be deployed on Netbeans defined servers.

  • For web applications, it's possible to deploy to a web server using Cargo. It currently supports Resin, Orion, Tomcat etc.

Known limitations

  • Currently the IDE can only attach to the debugged JVM it starts. Later IDE can also listen etc.


  • Able to browse remote and local repositories.

  • See each repo separately, or merged together into one tree.

  • Can download artifacts.

Known limitations

  • Searching also not implemented.