Project Overview

This project provides the UI part for Eclipse. See the features list and the Help page to learn more about Mevenide for Eclipse. Latest release and zipped sources can be downloaded here. However the preferred way to install Mevenide for Eclipse is through the Eclipse Update Manager ; please refer to this document for instructions on using it.

3.1 M2 has brought some API change. So if you're using eclipse 3.0.x or 3.1 M1 you need to grab Mevenide here - the big'ol'jar can also be found here. Please be aware that versions greater than 0.3.0 don't support eclipse 3.0 and 3.1M1 yet.


Mevenide for Eclipse wont work with Eclipse version 2.x since some APIs and utility classes of the 3.0-stream are used. Also for the POM editor to work you will need at least the 3.0 M9 build. Recommended version is however the 3.1 M2 final release. Also the goals-grabbing mechanism wont work with Maven version lower than rc4.

Current Mevenide release has been tested under WinXP with Eclipse 3.1 M1 and M2, JDK 1.4.2_05 and Maven 1.0. Please note that JDK 1.4+ is required since Java 1.4 regex engine is used.

Recommended Versions for 0.2.1 and greater releases :
  • Eclipse 3.0
  • Maven 1.0
  • JS2E 1.4.2

Recommended Versions for 0.2.0 release :
  • Eclipse 3.0 final / 3.1 M1 and M2
  • Maven 1.0-rc3
  • JS2E 1.4.2