The list of goals you can use in your project is completely integrated with JBuilder's target system, so you may easily use Maven goals when building or even running programs.

Project browser integration

Maven output in message window

For example you can call a deployment Maven goal just before running your program

Runtime configuration goal integration

You can also set some setting on how Maven execution will happen :

Maven settings for project

This tool also automatically updates a JBuilder library called MavenAutoUpdated.library that is generated in the same directory as the JBuilder project (*.jpx) file.

Automatically updated JAR library

It is generated from the Maven project descriptor file (project.xml), which contains all the JAR dependencies. In order for this function to work, you must have inserted the project.xml in your project and the JARs *must* be already present in the maven local repository, which is assumed to be located in :


You can therefore simply include all Maven dependencies as a required library for the JBuilder project and you should then be able to compile the project with JBuilder in sync with Maven. Note that this OpenTool does not automatically insert the library into the project, since this is something that might not be desired, but the library file will always be updated nonetheless (should you want to add it later on).